The new Flexam can do everything our classic version can. But the touchscreen offers even more.
How does one perfect a classic? By retaining all successful features whilst making it even more user-friendly!

AvdA20150424-312More comfort, less energy consumption
With the new dust-free touchscreen control panel, you now have the instruction manual to hand whenever you need it. Another new feature is the handy energy-saving standby mode.

Individual control
The shoe repair is international – and so is the new Flexam, which can now be operated in your desired language. Cleaning times can also be saved as required.

Personal profiles
Create the perfect workplace for each of your employees by generating multiple user profiles with the new touchscreen control panel. Parameters such as different working levels can be set simply by touch.

Remote maintenance
To allow you to continue your work uninterrupted, our service department monitors various key parts of the machine online and notifies you as soon as a maintenance check is required or a part needs to be replaced.
And we’re already working on the next step – soon you’ll be able to order supplies directly via the touchscreen.