Jos America is easy to reach:

Jos America Machines B.V.
Industriepark ‘het Hoog’
Mandenmaker 14
5253 RC Nieuwkuijk
Tel. +31 (0)73 511 9123

Navigate your car to Mandenmaker 14 in Nieuwkuijk (in some navigation systems you will have to enter Heusden),  -A59 between s’Hertogenbosch and Waalwijk, exit 43, then follow the signs "Bedrijvenpark het Hoog".

1. Train to Central Station of 's-Hertogenbosch: International trainplanner
2. The train station of s’-Hertogenbosch is located 10 km from Jos America, Nieuwkuijk. If you call us at your arrival, we will gladly pick you up: 0031 (0) 511 91 23

cheap but yet fast
Many of our customers worldwide know that a visit to our extended showrooms is very worthwhile. Fortunately, this is, thanks to the lowcost Airlines that use the airfields Amsterdam (80km) and Eindhoven (30km), very simple.

our customer service goes the extra mile
If you let us know your travel details and wishes regarding your stay, we will send you an overview of the local transport companies and hotel accomodations.