Jos America, as unique developer and producer in the Netherlands, has advanced production facilities. Machines are constructed in close cooperation with the designers. This enables a fast response to new developments and -if necessary- adjustments to the production processes.

On a footprint of 8500 m2 in total, a metal working-, a spray painting shop, an assembly- and repair department are located. The spacious work places are equipped with the latest techniques and multi-disciplinary employees work with highly ergonomic tools. With a lot of expertise and skills the qualified employees of Jos America are able to produce tailor made machines (‘Specials’) according to customer’s wishes. In addition to these ‘Specials’, Jos America started with module construction, following the great demand from around the world for certain products.

Jos America is very conscious of the quality of all of its end products and therefore keeps a close eye on the production process. This will be optimised where ever possible. The production time of a machine is reduced by 40% over the last years. This way we are able to offer you our Flexam products with an optimal price-quality ratio.