Flexam (a combination of flex-ible service system and the family name Jos America) is the name for all products that have been developped and manufactured since 1984  in own management. Initially, these were the Flexam machines for shoe repair, followed by developments in the field of orthopaedic shoe techniques. For this market was introduced the external dust extraction for connection of a series of sanding machines. Except in the orthopaedic shoe technique this innovation was soon also successfully applied in the shoe repair and other fields as prosthetics & orthotics and the podiatry.

Products like the Flexam Vacuum 80 are a perfect answer to the strongly increasing demand for solutions for dust removal and noise reduction in workplaces. This system is available in several variants in terms of capacity and size.

Flexam stands for:

  • Efficiency and quality, as it is an ideal individually compiled combination. The modern technique of Jos America helps you to protect your own health and thus to increase your quality of life.

  • Flexibility and effectiveness because our production methods help to keep our high quality Flexam products extremely competitive.

  • Security; directly at the manufacturer you are assured that the various Flexam parts and those of all other common machines are available for at least 20 years.