We produce workshop solutions for your health and safety.

Our products provide a healthy work environment because of their ergonomics and the significant reduction of dust and noise (down to 59 dBa). But when it comes to safety, we as Jos America, also take our responsability,

Already during the design and the construction of the machines we take into account the strictest regulations regarding safety and use corresponding raw material and components. Our products are easy to use, have an extremely high finishing level and meet the  strictest safety requirements of the European CE and NEN standards. We follow the ATEX guide-lines and our products are manufactured according to the latest applicable standards. Additionally all information about our machines is included in a technical file.

Of course, optimal care is ensured to the packaging and shipping preparation of our products. We supply clear instructions to the forwarder regarding the treatment during transport.

Besides, we think it is important that you are constantly aware of the potencial risks that might present the use of our machines (in the end we are talking about milling- and sanding machines). This is why our machines are equipped with the necessary safety- and warning stickers and accompanied by detailed manuals.

Your safety and health are important to us! We therefore strive to informing you as clear and complete as possible about all facets that matter for the destination and the safe use of our products.

At the delivery and installation, our experienced and qualified delivery team will clearly explain the manual and the user instruction to you. Besides we will inform you in detail about all maintenance aspects. All this is recorded in a delivery document which you will go through with a member of the delivery team. Once signed, this document makes you a qualified user.

Your company data and those of your machine(s) and/or other products for your workplace will be saved in our customer registration system, which enables us to assist you at any time as efficiently as possible when required. A good documentation system helps us to perform a high policy of quality control and -warranty.

All these measures and our extended warranty provisions assure you of a smooth start with our products, in which we have taken and will continue to take the highest possible care.