Optimal efficiency by a well-maintained machine park.

Health and safety are becoming more and more important in the workplace and there are, both from the entrepreneur as from the authorities, ever higher demands on working conditions and operational security. Regular maintenance will bring you many benefits. The timely replacement of filters and an optimal fine tuning of your machines will give you, besides a better quality of air, a considerable saving of energy.  A well-maintained machine also means a higher return; by a regular check of the technical part, the reliability of the machine and thus the continuity of your production will increase. Furthermore it will advance the life time of the machine. Preventive maintenance is the best way to assure a safe, efficient machine without unnecessary downtime.

Our skilled service team guarantees capacity and quality.

The Jos America service team helps customers all over the world maintaining their machine park. They will maintain not only the Flexam machines but provide the same service to all other common brands. By periodical maintenance, good organisation and professional problem analysis, a failure usually can be quickly remedied. So in 2012 the service team was capable of solving 67% of the reported problems just by telephone. In 12% of the defects a spare part could be sent and the customer was able to replace it with help of an extensive instruction. The remaining 21% of the cases was resolved on the customer's site.

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