Jos America stands for high quality total workplace solutions. We can relieve you from the hassle around the realisation of your production processes and technical installations.

Whether it’s a renovation, a new construction, a major conversion or a replacement of a single machine, Jos America will guide you from the first idea until the moment you start to use your new workplace.

Complete interior program

The complete work process, the entire work environment from the warehouse, the work- and retail space to the customer reception area will be examined. Jos America carefully listens to your preferences; there are as many wishes as people, so there is never a standard solution.

However there is always the choice on how to divide the workshop space and the area where you receive your customers.

  • Where is the main point of your company?
  • Do you need a lot of space for storage of your materials and tools?
  • What are the space requirements?
  • Do you prefer to have everything easily at hand in an open rack or on a shelf?
  • Maybe a closed cabinet system is more suitable?
  • Do you consider a small desk for the acceptance of orders,or will the desk also serve as work place or a space to put aside material?
  • Do you do your purchases on a regular basis and will a limited space for storage do or is a warehouse required? 
  • What is the most suitable solution for the infrastructure of the tubes and pipes?
  • What kind of air treatment is best suitable in the available space?

This is a mere selection of all questions and problems Jos America deals with to be able to offer a total solution that will substantially contribute to the success of your company.


Jos America advises you and guides you compiling your ideal workplace, taking into account your budget, an efficient use of your resources and last but not least your personal taste. Your wishes for materials and colours being used will determine the appearance of your company; modern and trendy or robust and crafty.  In Jos America’s in-house spay painting shop, the machine park can be painted in colour(s) matching with the furniture. The aim is to always create a work environment where you and your personnel, after all the main cost factor of the final product, feel good and are able to function optimally.